Last month our sites got hacked by Russia, or somebody in Russia.  All the sites were destroyed and instead of just closing everything, we have rebuilt, but with some changes.

It was my fault, as I wanted to make things interactive so you could talk to us.

I learned that lesson the hard way.

As things go, Mother Nature gave me a little present in February, which gave me the time to do the rebuilding.

Sorry, I talk to much, so let's get on with the new adult areas




This is a Sexually Explicit Area



With that explained we each have a site now.  She does her thing and I do mine.



Susan's site is called After Hours.  Susan gets right to the point and slips off her clothes.


After Hours


My site, as I call it, is The Man Cave. After explaining a few things, I'll get right to the Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll.

My Man Cave