Before I was 18

When I was in my teens, that is, before I was 18, my parents were nudists and we would spend the weekends at gatherings.


At first it seemed a bit strange, but I grew accustomed to nudity, but the lifestyle presented some unique opportunities.  Let's just say, I was put together very well, and was openly curious. I was definitely a flirt and the fellas would come on to me all the time. 

There were a few I really liked and with those we would sneak off somewhere private and make out and with a few, We occasionally played doctor.  It was a real turn on.


  One day there was an older gentleman that I went into the woods with.  He was very convincing and after a little bit I took him into my mouth.  I knew I was at a point of no return when he laid on top of me, kissing, and slipping his fingers in me.  I had played with toys before so it wasn't like my first time.


He smiled at me and picked me up, carrying me to a cabin and laid me on a bed.  I resisted a bit, but he continued, holding my arms down and opening my legs.  I was scared but that soon diminished, writhing in pleasure as he took me, then I felt the feeling of his ejaculation in me.  Now I was very worried as he did me again.  I knew I was going to get pregnant but took him again.  I couldn't help it as it felt so good.

To make that story short, I was very wild in those days and, of course, he told everybody, and I didn't get pregnant.  I tried it with several of the younger guys and loved it.

 I learned a lot in those days and I'm glad I did.


Sorry I don't have many photos, as this was a longtime ago.

The Summer of '68

It was The Spring of 1968 and I had just graduated. I was sick of living in the cold Midwest and wanted to go out in the world and explore the world. My girlfriend had moved out west and was working a summer job as a housekeeper at a hotel in Las Vegas. One day she called me and invite me to come stay with her, and she said that I could work there too.


I took a few clothes and jumped on the train and two days later, I arrived. While on the train I teased my hair and curled it a bit, hoping to look professional for my new job.  I was so excited to be out on my own, free from the restrictions of being at home.

I took a cab to the hotel and looked around a bit.  It was a beautiful place, with a small lake, a pool, and 24 rooms.  I went to the front desk to find my friend.

There were two handsome men tending the desk, along with and older woman.  I asked for directions to my girlfriends room.

One of them did all the talking

He frowned at me and told me that she had left two nights ago, and was gone.

"Oh my God," as I lowered my head and started to cry.  "She promised me a job."

"What's your name?" he asked

"I go by Cinnamon," I said wiping the tears from my eyes.


"I'm sorry, Cinnamon, I don't have any jobs right now."

"What about her job?" I asked

"Let's go to a more private area, Cinnamon! It's a bit personal."


They led me up a flight of stairs, to one of the rooms and asked me to sit down


They both chuckled, "You don't want her job, trust me.  You seem like a sweet and innocent, young girl, and beautiful if I might add that."  He said looking me over.  "This is not a place for you!"

"Why, she said that she was a housekeeper, I can do that!"




"Sweetie, she was quite a bit more than a housekeeper."

"Tell me," I frowned, puzzeled.

"Let's just say, sometimes she would entertain."


"You mean she, well, slept with guys.  Is that why she left, you fired her for sleeping with men?  I mean, I do that too, occasionally."


"No, that wasn't why, sweetie.  There are certain things that a girl can do in this state that they can't do in other places." he said wrinkling his brow.

I was starting to get the idea and found myself giggling, openly.

"Tell me, please."


"Ok, she had sex with special guests of ours, for a generous wage."

"Oh, wow!  Then she was a..." I didn't want to say it outright.

Many thoughts were running thru my head at that moment, and I was picturing myself doing that, dressed in a Nightie waiting for a man to pick me.  I had no money and nowhere to go and suddenly the idea became quite intriguing.  The oldest profession in history, why not.  It was legal here and my body was throbbing at the thought.


They laughed, "You catch on quickly."

"Actually, it sounds like a lot of fun!"

The quiet one was starting to get interested and asked me to stand up.  He looked me over as I posed a bit for them.


"What if I told you that I might want to do that?" I grinned at them.


"Seriously", he asked,  How old are you?"


"I turned 18 two months ago." 


"Do you think I'm pretty enough for that job she had?"


"God, Cinnamon, you are a Goddess.  Excuse my being forward, but can you, well, do you have any experience in bed?"


"I don't know, my boyfriend always thought so.  He used to bring friends home to be with me."


"He'd watch you?"


"Yeah, most of the time.  He was kind of a freak, now that I look back at it.  Who knows maybe he was making money off of me."


They both laughed. "Did you like that?"


"Oh, yes I loved it."


"Well, Cinnamon, it sounds like you know what you are doing."


I giggled again, "I guess there is one way to find out." I grinned


One set up a Polaroid on a tripod, commenting on how fun some photos would be.  It was like an audition.

I blushed a bit, and smiled at them as they started exploring me.


"You like?" I giggled


"Your very young and beautiful,"


One lifted my dress and the other slid my panties down.


"God, Cinnamon, you are beautiful."


"Thank you! Why don't you two, have a little fun with me?" 


  They were quite passionate and focused on me, taking all my clothes off.

Let's just say, we all had a very good time each of them getting off in me.


The talkative one decided that he wanted me again and did me alone.


"Your hired." they both laughed, the three of us out of breath.  The one guy explained what I was to do when I had a special person or persons to be with.  He told me that I would get $20 an hour for 7 hours a day.  He also explained that I would clean rooms, but if I only had one on my list I would go to that room at 8PM.  Most of the men would bring cameras, and a photographer, just for fun.  $20 per hour was a lot of money for those days and I was sure I would be good at earning it.


I spent the next 4 days cleaning and was eager to have my first evening experience.  After work I would go horseback riding and swimming.  This was paradise.


One day I went to the office and got a list with one room on it.  I was so excited and couldn't wait.


I went for a swim and waited anxiously for 8PM  I decided to put a lot of makeup on and tie my hair up for my 8PM meeting.


For all practical purposes I was almost naked.  I knocked on the door at 8PM and an athletic gentleman opened it. He was gorgeous and to the right of the door there was a man with a movie camera.  He filmed me with the guy.  This was my first porn film.

The man with the camera became a steady customer, filming me and photographing me with whoever he would bring with him.  The whole thing was me doing porn films.  I probably was photographed and filmed 60 times.


As winter approached I dreamed of home and one day jumped on the train.  I was street wise now and once home went to work as a waitress in a small bar, cafe.

I rented an apartment, living alone.  Oh, yes I was very promiscuous, but didn't go back to that life style again.

The experience was was awesome, and learned many lessons, then I met Kelley in 1978.  He was a ladies man, DJ, at a local bar, and we clicked almost instantly, moved to New Orleans and were married in 1979.

That's my story and to this day we still play naked on camera, sometimes just the two of us, then sometimes I play with special friends.