I was raised in the 60's when things were a bit more open.  My parents were nudists and on the weekends we would go to gatherings where nobody wore clothes.  I got quite comfortable with this.  I had met a guy who I must admit I had a crush on and he took this photo of me with his polaroid camera.  Needless to say we went on to have a secret sexual relationship whenever we could be alone together. Worrying about getting pregnant I went to a doctor and this is when I found out I couldn't have children. 

I became quite promiscuous after learning that, and even found myself getting together with my special friend and one of his buddies.  I also learned that I was multi orgasmic and couldn't get enough.  One might say that I was bordering on nymphomania, with a desire to see photos of myself with the guys.  The Polaroid got quite a workout those days, but sadly most of the photos deteriorated over the years.

In 1968, just turning 18 I decided it was time to go out on my own.

My girlfriend had gotten a job in Vegas at a resort and invited me to come out and stay with her.



1968  The whole story