I did this for a few years.  It was kinda fun, and made some great money doing it.  I did some IM Live sessions.

Our webcam is a piece of shit.  It has no sound and I do my interactive chats with a microphone.

I like doing them to meet some new people that might want to get together with us.

The sessions you are going to see on this page introduced us to a guy that was 18 years old.  He was fresh out of the box, so to speak, and his fantasy was being with an older woman.  Shit, I haven't had an 18 year old since I was, well, 16, LOL

Anyway we made his fantasy come true about two weeks after the cam session.  He got an MILF, and I got it about 12 times over the span of the weekend.

Let's just say it did a lot for my self esteem

Here are the cam sessions



Just posing for a camera, mostly dressed







From Little to Nothing








Toy Play








Actually, this video was done on our webcam for that 18 year old.  We used our camcorder to broadcast this one.

He wanted to watch me suck a cock







We did this one the same way.  He wanted to watch me fuck.  He watched me get a lot of things in this session