First, I'm going to start with some webcam sessions. Not to long ago, we had a room on the site where visitors would come and request me to do things.  We made a lot of money doing it, but sadly, our internet provider got pissy about the bandwidth we used.  I guess unlimited didn't mean, unlimited.


I also love to write, erotic stories.  Behind some of these films there is a story.  The thing with me is, that I can't actually write a good story, without actually doing it.  When I set out to do a sexual adventure, I always tell the story with photos and videos too.  If you like too read, then some of the movies will have the story attached. If you read them, I hope you will enjoy the making of the films.  Look for the link beside the film for the story.

37 of my favorite films



The First 5 Are Webcam Films


This film is me posing for a photographer for an adult magazine.  I keep my clothes on, well mostly.





They asked me to take all my clothes off, but then I gave them a bit more.





Demonstrating My Oral Talents.  You can decide if I'm and good at it.





Kelley's Oral Talents.  Damn he is, good at it





Me, A Toy, and Candle Light






A threesome with a guy  we met at a hotel swimming pool





Two cocks at a fireworks display





Kelley joins me in the shower, then we go fuck in the bedroom





My friend from work,  cums hard and fast





Just because Kelley broke his arm the day before, doesn't stop him from making me feel good





One day while hiking, we ran into this couple in the forest.  Everybody got everybody that day





Kelley gives me a facial and a mouthful





Alan gives it too me





I fuck Alan, a lot.  There for a while, almost weekly.  In this film, I take him for a nice ride




The story behind, Alan



I get Kelley started, then he finishes on his own





Now, this guy gets off



You'll see several videos of me with this guy.

A Day at The Beach  The Story



Two get me from behind






Eat me, Baby





After Sean Fucks me, he goes down on me and eats me again






It always ends up in our eye





Filmed at home by a friend





His name really was, Jack Hammer





Kiss me first





This is what happens when you tell a naked man, to kiss your ass





He promised me a Tantric Massage, while everybody watched





This time, we got caught in the forest





The Pro Bowl is so boring, so we did something else while we  watched the game





Kelley shares me with his best friend, Randy





Jack gets a nice ride






Kelley and Alan get me in The Office during a lunch break





I have no idea who this guy was.





Snowed in, during a Colorado Blizzard





Sucking Jack's Cock





Me and My Jack Rabbit





I love doing it on a pool table.  There's something very, uninhibited about it.  Every time I walk into a bar, I think about, grabbing some guy, and just doing it.

Here's a story about a pool table and a man.

Sorry, No Video

Fucking on a Pool Table





A Fun Double Penetration





Kelley  nails me, Hard and Fast





Cock Sucking