I was raised in the 60's when things were very different from these days.  Make Love, Not War, was the main thing we all did.  We didn't care what we did, as long as it was fun.

My parents were nudists and being the oldest daughter, I was curious and asked to go with them on the weekends to see what it was all about.  The naked body had always been a fascination of mine, and felt quite comfortable being around other naked people.


I was young and impulsive and found that I was appealing to the men that were there.  Of course being naked made things a bit interesting. 

I met a few guys that turned me on, and occasionally I would slip off into the barn next door and play with the guys in the hayloft.  My parents wouldn't have liked that. There was one that I really liked.  He was several years older than me and one evening, in the barn, our making out went a bit further and he tasted me, as I tasted him.  He was gentle and made me cum with his tongue.  I returned the favor, going down on him.  It was the first time I experienced a man's cum.  Several days later we went all the way.  It was a bit uncomfortable, but I loved it.




He took a few photos of me with his Polaroid which ended up being seen by some of the other guys.


Some chased me, and some got me and I learned that sex was one of my favorite things.



Several months later...


I had met a girl named Katie and she was as wild as I was.  One day while at her place she told me she was going to spend the summer in Las Vegas, and asked if I wanted to come with her. I said no, and thanked her for the offer.  Her boyfriend was there also.  We sat around and talked about her trip to Vegas.  He kept looking me over and I was getting the idea, something was up.


I noticed an 16 MM camera set up in her den.  Puzzled, I asked her what it was for.

"Katie, what are you up too?  The camera?"

"My Boyfriend wants to make a porn film!"

"A sex film? I giggled.


I laughed, "Well, you guys, that sounds like fun, so I'll leave you do that little adventure."  I got up and started to walk to the door, when Katie, said, "Wait!"

I stopped.  "He wants you to do it with you."

"Me?" I looked at him.  "You mean, you want to, well you know, have sex with me, on film?  Why, me?"

He smiled, "You know that hayloft you take guys too?  That's my barn, and I love watching you with those boys you take there."

"You've watched me?"

"Oh, yes.  I even took a Polaroid of you with one of them."

"Damn, I thought that was secret."

"I don't think you can keep something like that a secret."

"So what are they saying about me?"

"Well, that you are one fine piece of ass. I want to see for myself."

I cringed hearing that was going around.  Maybe I should go to Vegas, and get out of here, if that was my reputation, I thought to myself.


I looked the camera over, and looked at him.  "Does it have sound too?"

No sweetheart, I'm not that rich."

I thought about it for a few minutes and was strangely intrigued by the whole idea, noticing a very large bulge in his pants. I caught myself stroking one of the tripod legs.  This could be fun.


"Why not?" I giggled.


He started the camera and Katie help get things going.

"Oh, my," I giggled as we took his pants off and I saw what he was going to be putting in me.

Oh, yes, I wanted that.




I must admit, being in the film was a real turn on.

She went to Vegas and on my 18th Birthday, and I frequented his bedroom, a lot.  He wanted me exclusively after a week or so, and I was not into being exclusive with anybody.  I was having too much fun trying out other guys.  I finally escaped and joined Katie in Vegas.

I found the film on the net 35 years later.


The Summer of '68


It was late Spring and I had just graduated.  I called Katie and told her I wanted to join her, and she told me, she even had a job for me as a housekeeper.

A new life, and a job,  I was ready.


I took a few clothes and jumped on the train and two days later, I arrived. While on the train I teased my hair and curled it a bit, hoping to look professional for my new job.  I was so excited to be out on my own, free from the restrictions of being at home.

I took a cab to the hotel and looked around a bit.  It was a beautiful place, with a small lake, a pool, and 24 rooms.  I went to the front desk to find Katie.

There was a handsome man tending the desk, along with and older woman..  I asked for directions to Katie's room.

He frowned at me and told me that she had left last night.

"Oh my God," as I lowered my head and started to cry.  "She promised me a job."

"What's your name?" he asked

"I go by Cinnamon," I said wiping the tears from my eyes.

"I'm sorry, Cinnamon, I don't have any jobs right now."

"What about her job?" I asked

"Let's go to a more private area, Cinnamon!"

He led me up a flight of stairs, to one of the rooms and asked me to sit down.

"This was Katie's room," he said as I looked around.

He chuckled, "You don't want her job, trust me.  You seem like a sweet and innocent, young girl, and beautiful if I might add that."  He said looking me over.  "This is not a place for you!"


"Why, she said that she was a housekeeper, I can do that!"

"Sweetie, she was quite a bit more than a housekeeper."

"Tell me," I frowned.

"Let's just say, sometimes she would entertain."

"You mean she, well, slept with guys.  Is that why she left, you fired her for sleeping with men?  I mean, I do that too, occasionally."

"No, that wasn't why, sweetie.  There are certain things that a girl can do in this state that they can't do in other places." he said wrinkling his brow.

I was starting to get the idea and found myself giggling, openly.

"Tell me, please."

"Ok, she had sex with special guests of mine, for a generous wage."

"Oh, wow!  Then she was a..." I didn't want to say it outright.

Many thoughts were running thru my head at that moment, and I was picturing myself doing that, dressed in a Nightie waiting for a man to pick me.  I had no money and nowhere to go and suddenly the idea became quite intriguing.  The oldest profession in history, why not.  It was legal here and my body was throbbing at the thought.

He laughed, "You catch on quickly."

"What if I told you that I might want to do that?" I grinned at him.

"Seriously", he asked,  How old are you?"

"I turned 18 two months ago, I winked." 

"Do you think I'm pretty enough for that job she had?"

"God, Cinnamon, you are a Goddess.  Excuse my being forward, but can you, well, do you have any experience in bed?"

I visited a nudist colony for many years and let's just say, I spent some time in the hayloft with a few of the guys.

"Well, Cinnamon, it sounds like you know what you are doing."

I giggled again, slipping my top off.  "I guess there is only one way to find out."

 I slid my jeans to the floor, standing naked in front of him.

"You like?" I giggled

"God, Cinnamon, you are beautiful."

I stepped close to him, unbuttoning his pants, then going down on him.  I bent over, and felt him slip into me.  He was passionate, and felt so good inside me, then felt his cum pour into me as we both got off together.


     "Your hired." he laughed, out of breath.


He explained what I was to do when I had a special person or persons to be with.  He told me that I would get $20 an hour for 7 hours a day.  He also explained that I would clean rooms, but if I only had one on my list I would go to that room at 8PM.  Most of the men would bring cameras, and a photographer, just for fun.  $20 per hour was a lot of money for those days and I was sure I would be good at earning it.


I spent the next 4 days cleaning rooms and doing chores. I mwas eager to have my first evening experience.  After work I would go horseback riding and swimming.  This was paradise.


One day I went to the office and got a list with one room on it.  I was so excited and couldn't wait.


I went for a swim and waited anxiously for 8PM  I decided to put a lot of makeup on and tie my hair up for my 8PM meeting.


For all practical purposes I was almost naked.  I knocked on the door at 8PM and an athletic gentleman opened it, and I gave him everything he wanted.

Sometimes, I would have a man 4 times a week, and I became very popular with my bosses, clients.


As winter approached I dreamed of home and one day jumped on the train.  I was street wise now and once home, went to work as a waitress in a small bar, cafe.

I rented an apartment, living alone.  Oh, yes I was very promiscuous, but didn't go back to that life style again.

The experience was was awesome, and learned many lessons, then I met Kelley in 1978.  He was a ladies man, DJ, at a local bar, and we clicked almost instantly, moved to New Orleans and were married in 1979.

That's my story and to this day we still play.  It's too much fun to stop, and why would one want to stop.

Sex is our last hope for human bonding, in a natural way, without politics, The News Media, etc...