A Day at The Beach

We usually go late in the afternoon, after work,

and wait for the sun to go down.  That's the best time for us, after dark



As the sun went down, and our crazy neighbors decided to put on a fireworks display. 

It was beautiful



Watch The Fireworks With Us




"The crowd is far away. Want to take some naughty pictures, for the website? I giggled at Kelley.








Suddenly I heard a voice.

"Oh, my, A beautiful naked lady having her photos taken."

I turned, shocked, "Opppps, you caught us."

"Is this your boyfriend?" he smiled.

"No, My Husband." I blushed.

They smiled at each other.

"I'm sorry I'm flirting with your wife, but she has an awesome body."

"She likes to flirt, Kelley grinned."




"Could I get a print of one of those?"

I put my robe on.  "Well, sir, you  could just copy them off the website in awhile.

"You have a naked website?"  he said looking me over.

  I pulled out my phone and showed him a page from it, but I had left it on an animated advertisement, that wouldn't have been my first choice to show him.





"Shit, that wasn't what I had in mind, to show you."

"Are you, well you know... In a sex   movie?"


"How do I get on your site with you?"

I winked at, Kelley, "Why don't you follow us up to the house and we'll show you.

I jumped in the shower and rinsed off, then dried my hair as Kelley got the cameras ready.


"Join me in The Bedroom, Sir?" as I took his hand

Do you have something special you wish to show to our visitors?"

"Oh, yes!  I'd like to put a little dressing on that salad of yours, and then eat it."

"Help yourself, Baby!"