All of Me

This is my Peach colored Sundress.  On really hot days I wear it outside, but not in public, as you can see right through it.

Let's go inside the studio, and I'll take it off for you


By the way!  I'm 5' 7" Tall, 140 lbs.  32C Cup.

Vagina depth 5 to 7 inches.  No, your size doesn't matter, but if you tell

me your, like, 18", I'm going to say know.  A girl has to have her limits.

Oh, and yes, The Photographer's name is Randy.

Let's go topless.  Sometimes I'm a little bigger than 32 C, but that's when I'm very aroused, which I am at the moment, looking at the Photographer.  It's the first time I have met him.


I suggested, Randy might want to be in a photo with me.  Yes, both of us naked.  I had planned on fucking him from the very start.

Now, we are going to do it.




This is Randy


Kelley did a video of us.  He actually got me twice.




Now you know why I call this gallery, Peaches and Crème!