Welcome to my private site.


I guess the best way to get started is for me to get my clothes off and show you my bare ass.


I call this gallery, Peaches and Crème.  LOL, you'll see way.


Getting naked in our studio



Now you know what kinda girl I am, LOL, and no, this isn't a new thing either.  It started a long time ago, actually when I was 18.  Ok, maybe a little earlier.

Growing up in 1968



There, I've told that story, so now let's get into more recent times.



Kelley took some photos of me in the backyard, after a light snow.


Naked in The Snow

This is my Red Silk Robe.  It comes with a Red Nightie too.

I also added some photos of me with the Nightie and a toy.


Red Silk

I remember one New Years, I wore this to a private party.  I didn't know posing on a pool table could be so much fun.

Red Silk on A Pool Table




  First of all, we are not swingers.  We don't go to parties looking for men or women to swap with, but we do like to meet other people, and play.  I'm just speaking for me, and if Kelley wants to tell you his story he can.  I like men!  Different men from time to time is very exciting.  Each guy is different, and I love to feel what they like to do with me.

I love a passionate man, who makes love to me, like it's our wedding night.  Kissing, exploring, then sharing that special moment together.

With that said, I love being in sex films.  They can be webcam sessions, or just filmed with some of our willing friends.  LOL, it seems that they are all willing.