"This is our bed! I see you like the photo of me.  Kelley took that one the other night of me and a friend."



"Would you like Kelley to photo you and me like that?"


"Oh, good, I think you'll like being with me!"





"Come here, and do anything you wish with me."










"Oh, yes, Eat Me!"






"God, you made me cum fast.  Now let  me wrap my lips around your cock."




"Kelley, do a video of me sucking him."











"Mmmmm, take a picture of that, Kelley."



"That was great, want to do it again?"


"Let's give out audience a really good show!"


"You on top of me this time."























"Oh, yeah, Baby!"






The Video.  First on my back, then doggie






We fucked till the sun came up which was only a couple of hours, then Kelley got me hard and fast.






Gonna change the comforter then do Kelley.






The video of Kelley and I.















We do this all the time.  Kelley loves to photo and film me with guys we have gotten to know.  The movies look good on TV, too, like the one below where I'm doing our Real Estate Broker.



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