I want to show you some fun things we do.



How I got started making adult films




A little modeling movie of me.  I keep most of my clothes on.









I think I'll take everything off











Oh, my, Kelley handed me a toy












I think all men like to get head every once in a while











Oh, and I know, most women love to have a man go down on them










Kelley shows us a cum shot











Why does it always go in your eyes?











Wow, look what I found.  And at a hotel pool.  Can you imagine that?


Sorry, I had to have it in my mouth!









Somebody called me a cock sucker once.  I agreed


















I told him to Kiss My Ass at a Party, and he did, while everybody watched.










The guy I fucked at the party in the above movie?  We invited him over for the next weekend.










We fucked in a rest area, but it had to be quick.  I didn't want to party with 20 truck drivers.










Kelley gives it to me Hard and Fast










Alan and Kelley Together.  Let's call it a Double Penetration










Sometimes we meet guys online that want to be in some films with us.

We call that bedroom Fantasyland.











Sucking the guys during the fireworks display this year










1970   Roommates









The Hotel Room

Met him at the pool, and decided to play.  Kelley's not Bi Curious anymore!










Girl Play With Ciara









Ciara and Her Friend

We were on a horseback ride, and The Flies were Awful









Twice with Rich,  Ciara's Friend









Candlelight with myself









See, those things don't make us swingers, but then this film might make you think otherwise.


We were at a bar and this guy recognized us.


30 minutes later I was fucking him