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My name is Susan, and to the left is my husband, Kelley.



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I am available for limited adult work






AUSmodels Nude Models - Adult Modeling Agency












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Here's a nude shoot Kelley did of me















The gallery to the left is a more artistic photo collection.  The one below is more my style.  I love being photographed with men.



Naked with Alan












Sex Films






Cinnamon's Bedroom   Our, soon to be released DVD




Bare Images Photography





We came up with the idea a year after we got married to open an adult photo studio.  The idea actually started when a girl we knew wanted us to take some nude photos of her.


Before we were married, actually when I was only 18, I had gotten a taste of adult entertainment quite by accident.



Here's The Story





We still do nude photos of people that wish to show a little more of themselves on Face Book and other sites.  I typically photograph The Men, and Kelley does the sessions with The Women.



I must admit that sometimes I get quite turned on photographing men, and , well, ok let me show you.





Photos of Serena