My name is Susan, and the gentleman with the camera is My Husband, of 40 years, Kelley.

We are both photographers, and love traveling this great country, looking for that perfect photo.  If you would like to see some of our work, please feel free to come to our Scenic Photography Site.


Defiance Photography


About this site! 

  Kelley does all the photography and technical work, and I'm the writer.

I love writing Erotic Stories, but only after I have Experienced the sexual adventure for real.  I never seem to have a problem finding a partner, or partners. that enjoys being in those stories.

Sometimes, I plan the stories, and other times they are spontaneous.



In the photo to the left, I am making a list of things I want to show you.


I don't consider this site to be pornographic, as what I do is natural. 


 You won't find me doing some of those crazy things, you'll find on other sites.  I believe that the naked body is a beautiful thing.  With that said, I also believe, sex with a man, or maybe several men is natural too.

Too me, it's the passion one can share with another, kissing, and exploring each others desires, then sharing a beautiful moment of pleasure.




Now, if this is what your into that, then choose YES, Below and I'll show you, Real Sex.

  If you would prefer not to see this, It's simple, choose NO.

Either way, we're glad you stopped by!